I "saw" the devil once.

there was an old abandoned house on our block. the grass was overgrown, the siding was falling off, and strange lights were reported to be seen from the dust crusted windows.

all the neighbor kids, they said it was haunted, that the devil lived there. they were enthusiastic about it. the older ones mostly... they encouraged us younger ones to believe it. we looked up to them. so of course, we didn't second guess them and what they taught. that would be social suicide.

with that in mind, i approached the house on a dare. i reached the porch and shook... looking back over my shoulder at my friends across the street. far, far away.

turning toward the house, i felt a chill. i pushed the doorbell and a thunderous sound rang out. i jumped! i ran!!! and ran and ran and ran!

"did you see it? did you see the devil????"

"yes, yes, i did see the devil" i replied.

without a second thought to my lie.

i let those crazy fucks -- who didn't know any better themselves -- convince me that a lie could be the truth, if everyone believed in that lie.

fuck that shit.

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